daily tasks, freebies, games. incomplete; catered and organized to my own personal needs/tastes.

starred (*) are activities that award avatars which i still need.

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Monthly Freebies

Advent Calendar
Battleground of the Obelisk
Giant Jelly Giant Omelette Shop of Offers Obsidian Quarry Apple Bobbing
Anchor Management Mysterious Negg cave Kiko Pop* Tombola TDMBGPOP*
Forgotten Shore Deserted Tomb Fruit Machine Altador Prizes Coconut Shy
Bank Interest Faerie Caverns Secret Lab Ray Petpet Lab Ray
Faerie Quests

quest help board

The Coincidence Grumpy Old King Battledome
(15 items/day)
Favorite Games

donated item
Money Tree Second-Hand Shoppe Rubbish Dump*

multiple times / day
Coltzan's Shrine
(13 hrs)
Ye Olde Fishing Vortex
(~12 hrs)
Wishing Well
(7 wishes, 2x daily)

list of items

Stock Market
(all day)

bargain stocks

Healing Springs
(30 min)
Meteor Crash Site
(1 hr)
(all day, 1 repound/day)

Lost & Pound

Island Training
(currently 4 hrs)
Buried Treasure*
(3 hr)
Qasalan Expellibox
(7 hrs 7 min)
Grave Danger
(~9 hr)

misc / varying hours
(8am, 4pm, 12am cst, anytime 1x daily in december)